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国内外の市場に精通するサンディスメンバーがジャパンブランドの様々なプロダクトを最適な海外市場におつなぎいたします。 つなげます。

Japan is a very unique country who has established their own style and custom cultivated in the small islands. To enter to Japanese market, there are certain cultural barriers to break through.
Cent Dix provides consulting services with innovation solutions by utilizing unique ideas and original networks of our Japan-based foreign experts in order to connect you to Japan. With our deep knowledge of Japanese traditional culture, business/its etiquette, custom, lifestyle, way of thinking and so on, we support overseas clients to expand their business to Japanese market, obtain information about particular market in Japan as well as to start business with Japanese companies in your country.

For example, high quality and efficiency of Japanese products are born by Japanese delicate sensibility to functional beauty. Cent Dix will help overseas clients to understand such mentality and enable to work efficiently with Japanese companies by giving advices and detailed solutions as under:
Market Identification and Research matched with the brand target
PR promotion planning
Industrial network building
Video content production
Event Planning such as Exhibitions, Media mix events, Talk shows,
Sports exchange events, Seminars/Educational classes,
Embassy’s/Community’s events